I have been a high school English teacher for around 5 years. Although I’m now casual and don’t often have my own classes, I’m always on the lookout for creative writing exercises and poetry activities to share.

On this page, you will find a collection of exercises and ideas that I think work well. I developed most of them through my poetry practice and workshops, with a focus on facilitating creativity and self-expression through spoken-word poetry.

This page will be updated frequently throughout Oct-Nov 2018. Resources for performance poetry in the HSC ‘Craft of Writing’ will be uploaded soon. Sign up below for updates or contact me for more.

Resources for teachers:

A turning point for spoken-word poetry in schools

Resources and activities for teaching spoken-word poetry can be found at SlamCraft.

You can also catch my presentation ‘Creative Spoken-Word Poetry’ at the ETA Annual Conference 2018 #LetsCreate.

Exercise: ‘I Remember’

Exercise: Best first lines

Exercise: Re-sentencing