On this page, you will find a collection of exercises and ideas for teaching poetry, writing and spoken-word in the classroom. Most of these I have developed or collected for my youth and community workshops and classroom teaching.

This page will be updated frequently throughout Oct-Dec 2018. Resources for performance poetry in the HSC ‘Craft of Writing’ will be uploaded soon. Sign up below for updates or contact me for more.

Resources for teachers:

Spoken-word poetry:

A turning point for spoken-word poetry in schools

Spoken-word poetry in education: Best practice guide

Glossary of techniques used in spoken-word poetry

Resources and activities for teaching spoken-word poetry can be found at SlamCraft.

You can also catch my presentation ‘Creative Spoken-Word Poetry’ at the ETA Annual Conference 2018 #LetsCreate. Resources for this session are available here.

Creative Writing:

Exercise: ‘I Remember’

Exercise: Best first lines

Exercise: Re-sentencing



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