Sarah Temporal is a performance poet and poetry educator from the Tweed Valley region of NSW, Australia. Her dynamic works craft vivid moments where past and present meet, often combining traditional tales with the immediacy of slam poetry. She has been engaging diverse audiences with her writing and performances for over 17 years.

After beginning her career alongside the inception of the spoken-word scene in Sydney in the early 2000s, Sarah re-emerged as a leading performer and poet in 2017. She is the winner of the 2018 Nimbin Performance Poetry World Cup and 2018 Lismore Poetry Cup, runner-up in The Bunker Spoken Word Slam 2019, and a NSW State Finalist at the 2019 Australian Poetry Slam. Sarah has performed at major cultural events including Sydney Writers Festival, Story-fest, and Overload Poetry Festival. She has been a feature poet at The Bunker Spoken Word, Ruckus Slam, Word-In-Hand, and every poetry night from the Northern Rivers to Gold Coast.

In 2019 Sarah founded Poets Out Loud, an event and project platform for writers to share their work in the Tweed Valley region. She hosts and organises the popular Poets Out Loud monthly open mic night, as well as poetry slams and workshops. She has also initiated a number of projects through the Poets Out Loud collective in partnership with community and local business, helping to build a creative community which supports artists to earn income from their work. A youth slam program is planned for 2020.

Sarah loves helping people of all ages fall in love with poetry. She has delivered effective poetry education workshops in schools and the community, safely guiding participants to gain confidence and skills to express themselves. In 2018 she released ‘SlamCraft’, a poetry education resource and workshop series. She has a background in secondary teaching and is passionate about raising the profile of youth voices.

Sarah is currently developing new poetry programs in the Tweed region and developing her prize-winning long form poem “Rapunzel” into a graphic novel and multimedia spoken-word show.  

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“Sarah Temporal performs gorgeously-crafted pieces of spoken word with conviction, artistry, and a merciful originality. She doesn’t have to bluster, blast or beat you over the head (though she just might…). Her narratives are beautifully sustained, her modern fables have a quiet inner intensity, heart and truth that capture and take an audience places that only the best performance poetry can.” – Tug Dumbly, poet and satirist, author ‘Barbeque Bill and the Roadkill Café’, Triple J poet laureate

“Sarah Temporal’s ‘SlamCraft’ is a much-needed excavation of the components behind successful spoken word poetry. Sarah uses an in-depth study of successful spoken word artists and the form’s hip hop origins to educate those wishing to hone their writing for the stage.”  – Elliot York Cameron, Word Travels Program & Education Officer

“I was really keen to attend ‘Slamcraft’ after reading Sarah’s workshop booklet of the same title which was on sale at the Word Travels Story-Fest 2018. Sarah’s generous insights into poetry community and exploration of writing techniques felt like a great opportunity to reflect on my own practice as a full-time poet. What I did not expect from the session was such a safe and supportive space to write poetry which made me cry each time I read it out loud.  I’ve never been so moved by my own poetry. This experience is with much thanks to Sarah for creating and facilitating a workshop which helps people to connect with themselves and others through their spoken words.” – Gabrielle Journey Jones, spoken-word poet and facilitator, author ‘Spoken Medicine’