The SlamCraft Online course is now closed for 2019 and will run again in 2020. Please contact me if you’d like to hear more.

SlamCraft explores the craft of writing poetry for performance. Put simply, it’s a series on how to create a Spoken-Word Poem. But not just for slam poets – this is for anyone who wants to connect with themselves and others through their words. Everyone has a powerful voice waiting to be explored, whether that’s on the page or the stage.

For teachers, SlamCraft may give you ideas for using spoken-word poetry in the classroom. SlamCraft also offers methods of understanding and evaluating spoken-word poetry; something that can be hard to find.

SlamCraft is now available as a book. You can purchase it here.

What people say about ‘SlamCraft’:

“Sarah Temporal’s SlamCraft is a much-needed excavation of the components behind successful spoken word poetry. Sarah uses an in-depth study of successful spoken word artists and the form’s hip hop origins to educate those wishing to hone their writing for the stage.”  – Elliot York Cameron, Word Travels Program & Education Officer, spoken word artist and educator.

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