SUPER SLAM – Info for poets

So you’re thinking of entering the SUPER SLAM? Fantastic! We can’t wait to hear your words. Here’s what you need to know.

The basics:

  • All styles of poetry and spoken-word are welcome. However, you should consider how you will engage the audience with your performance.
  • Time limit strictly 2 minutes, with points lost for going over time. Time starts from your first word – no extra for introductions. You will hear a warning bell with at 1:50 and 2 bells when time is up.
  • The poem you enter must be entirely your own work.
  • You don’t need to memorise your poem, but it really helps.
  • All ages, all topics, all levels of experience welcome.

Conditions of entry:

  • Please arrive at the venue by 3:30pm to register.
  • One entry per person, available with ‘Slam Poet entry’ ticket in your name only.
  • In the case that there is a draw, the 2 winners may be asked to repeat their performance for a “slam off”.
  • Video and photos of your performance may be published by Poets Out Loud and our business partners. This is for the purpose of promoting our writing community and the opportunities we offer.
  • The judges decision is final.
  • The prize package is not redeemable for cash. Feature poet and video production opportunities are contingent on your availability and willingness to collaborate with Poets Out Loud and our partners.

Contact the organisers:

For more info contact us through our Facebook page, Poets Out Loud Murwillumbah. Or contact Sarah on 0428 256 531 or


What if ‘Slam Poet entry’ tickets are sold out?

There are a limited number of places in the slam, so get in quick. A waiting list ticket, if available, unfortunately does not guarantee you a place in the Slam. But don’t worry –  please bring your poem along to another Poets Out Loud – every third Thursday of the month at Bacaro in M-Arts, Murwillumbah. We have open mic every month and a Slam every second month, plus amazing feature poets, dinner and drinks.

What if I want to withdraw my entry?

Contact Sarah on 0428 256 531 as soon as possible so that another poet can take your place. You can claim a refund on your ticket up to 7 days before the event.

I’m under 18 – can I enter the slam?

Yes, you can. At the venue only over 18s are to approach the bar.

I don’t know if my poem is a ‘slam poem’. Can you help?

The simple answer is, yes it is! Although Slam Poetry may have become associated with certain themes and styles of delivery that proved popular, there are no kinds of poetry off-limits at a slam. The audience responds better to authenticity than showmanship. Our advice is to be yourself, and try to share the feeling that drove you to write the poem in the first place.

How can I choose or improve my poem for the slam?

Time, edit, and rehearse your poem, preferably in front of others. Sorry, Poets Out Loud can’t help you choose which poem you should do. You may find useful resources on SlamCraft: Tips and techniques for spoken-word performance.

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