Getting organised

I’ve come across a lost of interesting commentary recently about how much of their ‘workday’ a writer actually spends on writing. It’s not much. Most of the writers in my network seem to spend over 50% of their time on admin, emails, promotion and marketing, and preparing work for submission. The business side of writing can be super time-consuming, and that applies whether you’re earning anything from it or not.

Since I’ve established the goal of being published, something I never seemed to get around to in all the excitement of performing live poetry, I decided to make it easier on myself by compiling a month-by-month list of all the submission openings for poetry in Australia. Some of these may be out of reach for a while as I develop my work from spoken-word into print format, but at least once it’s ready, I will know where to send it!

You can access my list of submissions, competitions and opportunities here, or from the writer’s toolbox tab.

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