SlamCraft is coming

I’m excited to start a blog project that’s been swimming around in my mind for a long time now: SLAMCRAFT.

Over a couple of months, I’ll be sharing with you a whole series on how to create a Slam Poem. But not just for slam poets – this is for anyone who writes and wants to know how to read in front of an audience. It’s for performance poets, spoken-word artists, songwriters who want to go a-capella, students, whatever.  This is about making your art out of words for a live audience. It’s pretty damn exciting.

In my own little art world on the Northern Rivers, a lot of surprising opportunities have got my attention. One of the most exciting is a slam poetry workshop; the chance to share fifteen years of spoken-word experience with anyone who wants to give it a try. Maybe you’ll catch a workshop with me soon and we can play with these ideas together.

We’ll start by exploring materials,  move to exercises, writing techniques, performance tricks, and go right through to polishing your piece ready for performance.

Teachers, please feel free to use anything you find here with your students. Let me know how it goes.

Whatever you use this for, I want to hear your stuff, your pitfalls, your triumphs. Share it around. Welcome to SlamCraft.

*Image: “microphone” by TOM81115 is licensed under (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0). Text added.

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